Integrated Flood Management, Mitigation and Control is an essential feature of water resources development projects and are widely accepted around the world as the best means to manage floods by balancing risk against many diverse costs.

Since its inception in January 1958, ACE is providing consultancy services in the field of water resources development and flood management and has wealth of national and international experience gained from working with a diverse range of Clients and stake holders to understand and address flood and river management issues which include planning, design and construction supervision of major flood management and control projects.

ACE has vast range of water resources engineers specialized in analysis, planning, design and resident supervision of flood management projects encompassing feasibility studies, development of design criteria, hydrology, geotechnical studies, primary and final design of hydraulic structures, environmental impact assessment studies, contract plans and technical specifications, operation and maintenance manuals.

ACE in a lead role and as a member of joint ventures with national and international firms, has provided consultancy services on feasibility studies, planning, detailed design and construction supervision of various flood mitigation projects funded by various Government Agencies/ Departments, Asia Development Bank and World Bank etc. However, some of the projects undertaken by ACE in this field within Pakistan include Flood Protection Works in Sargodha Zone, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of MS Bund under ADB funded Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project (FERP), Construction Supervision of Flood Protection Works District Charsadda, Training Works of Indus River near D. I. Khan and Feasibility Study on Hill Torrents and Flood Mitigation in Mianwali District. Overseas projects include Flood Mitigation Study of Sungai Kangar in Perlis State, Sungai Kurau Flood Mitigation Study and Flood Control Study of Semboarang River in Malaysia, Citarum River Basin Flood Mitigation Downstream of Jatiluhur Dam and Lower Cimanuk Flood Control in Indonesia, Teesta Barrage Project and Old Brahamputra Flood Control and Irrigation Project in Bangladesh.